Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The elite know that the herd is restless.

Today I want to again link to another proof showing that the elite are not stupid, slow, foolish or any of the other words that people use in their anger against them.  In fact, the elite are educated, intelligent, cunning and sharp.  Unfortunately, they also have no morals whatsoever and are sociopaths by nature.  To them the herd is a resource to be managed, milked, bled and slaughtered as needed for their sustenance.  The herd is a slave labor force which is tricked by guile into doing the bidding of the unkind master.

But the slaves can only absorb so much punishment per unit time before they become as the African buffalo in the Battle of Kruger.  And folks, the herd is getting restless.  Are the elite aware of it?  You bet your ass they are.  This is what one of them recently told his peers, "“I just warn the Davos establishment: There’s an anger building out there that you need to recognize and deal with".  Call me crazy but I think that smells like fearful elite wondering how to avoid getting trampled in the coming stampede.

The recent money flood to the lower workers via wal-mart and fedex pay increases and bonuses is only a short term fix.  Either the economy will go into recession again leaving many hungry and unemployed or inflation will begin to finally become a problem after all these years.  Either way the marginal players at the low end of the pay spectrum are always hit the first and the worst.

A few years back the early version of these same warnings was that wealth inequality leads to pitchfork revolutions.  My only comment on that is that the AR-15 is the new pitchfork.  Got .223?

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