Monday, January 1, 2018

United Nations chief warns that the herd is getting restless.

I always have to laugh when I hear otherwise honest smart people talking about our leaders as "stupid" or "fools" or "people that never learn from mistakes".  It is very common to see Mish writing these kinds of comments and smart guy Mike Maloney of uses these terms all the time in his very instructive video series called The Hidden Secrets of Money (parts 1-8).

In truth, the elite are very aware of what they are doing, why they are doing it and what could happen if they play the game too long or too hard.  Articles like this one featuring a self named "zillionaire " show us that my statement is true.  They know exactly what is going on.

They know that fake money is, was and always will be a scam but it is a very profitable scam.  Elite have a strong sense of self preservation but virtually no honor.  Their mantra is "never give a sucker an even break".  So when you hear elite talking about wealth inequality or anything else that is true and correct you can bet that the underlying reason for their statements is NOT the good of the people but rather self preservation and trying to keep the whole notion of fake money from complete collapse.  Such an occurrence would be difficult for them to recover from for many years, perhaps even for the rest of their lives. 

Remember, the very rich are rich only on paper.  They don't keep the majority of their wealth in physical assets simply because there are not enough of said assets to dump all their paper wealth into.  If they all attempted to do it, the price of everything would rise as their purchases chase of the price of everything and the effective purchasing power of their wealth would collapse.  Also, what if the little people of the world grew disillusioned in the use of fake paper money?  What would the paper wealth of zillionaires be worth if everyone decided not to accept it anymore?  It would return to its intrinsic value of zero.  And they damned well know it.

So now we are hearing from the leader of the elitist organization, the United Nations, that he's issuing a "red alert" regarding what is essentially global disunity and disharmony.  He pleads to everyone to just get along and "settle conflicts, overcome hatred and defend shared values"...  Well I got news for you Mr. Guterres, you aren't going to see any of that.  Not, at least, until we go through the pain of getting rid of the fraudulent elitist money supply that pays your corrupt salary, you useless pig.  Step down off your high horse long enough to see that many good people can never get ahead because of the fact that your corrupt money supply is stealing their labor in real time and essentially enslaving them.  And you know damned well you m----- fvc!!er.  I hope that the people living in the next place you stop over at as you sell your empty bag of tricks find you and string you up for your part in the global debt Ponzi.

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