Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Unelected arms of the government now beginning to collapse

When the liberals were in charge they held a government enhancement party where position after useless bureaucratic self important position was created in order to make these liberals feel like they are in charge of something with control over the rest of us.  It got so bad that many unelected and even unpaid positions were created.  I say unpaid but then you have to look at payment methods.  If I am the head of some crap ass advisory committee that is responsible for the control of some public resource, I can have a lot of sway on how this resource is used by crony capitalist friends while at the same time blocking out enemies.  Why do you think all these people volunteer for all these positions.  For their health??  Because they have nothing better to do with their time?  NO.  It's because they have back door ways to cash in on their little mini dictatorships.

During the liberal years all of this grew and flourished and was nurtured by turds like Clinton, Bush (a liberal at heart!!) and Obama.  Big government got bigger by the day giving insiders more and more access and control while the public got locked out of the use of its own resources.  National parks would be declared with heavy fines if joe average went out there and killed one of the king's deer but you can bet your ass that liberals (consisting of both dems and GOPs) took quiet junkets out to said lands for big dollar hunting and fishing trips on these protected grounds.

Well, those days are over and those ways are in collapse, right in line with my clearly stated thesis about the reversal of big government in line with the peaking of liberalism.  Today's evidence point is a doozy wherein nearly all the members of some useless advisory panel for the national park service decided that they were no longer relevant and quit in unison.  Their complaint:  the current interior secretary put them on "ignore".  Without this unfair direct access to the government control point for national parks, this elite advisory panel, whose duties no doubt included advising corrupt piece of shit government on how to exclude the public from public resources while quietly enabling crony capitalists whatever access was needed in order to make a buck off of OUR resources, got all pissed off and stomped off because their self entitlement had been cut off.

I say, good riddance you fleas.  Go find another dog to infest.  Get rid of 90% of the ridiculous rules that limit how and when people can use our public parks.  Get rid of the park gestapo.  I do not want to pay them now or in their retirement.  Yes there will be some idiots that behave badly without the gun wielding gestapo present.  But stopping these few is not worth repressing the rest of us good people.  In fact, if good people see punks defacing public property they should give them what for and send them on their way as a lesson not to be a dick tard.  We the people can police our own property without government gestapo wannabes on the the public dole.

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