Tuesday, January 30, 2018

What's that smell?

Oooo-ooooh that smell!  Can't you smell that smell?  Oooo-ooooh that smell! The smell of death surrounds you!

Truer words were never spoken, or in this case, sung.  The massive liberal military industrial complex, the deep state, all the corruption that mammon money has bought is now in major trouble.  The herd is waking up and it is moving right and the elite know it.  Thus they must move to the right as well because they can only be elite if the herd says so.

Turns out the elite are not really all that powerful after all.  They are, as I have said would be revealed as part and parcel of the collapse of the global debt Ponzi, actually very weak and vulnerable.  They cannot stay in power by force, they have to trick/intimidate/coerce/bribe or otherwise convince the herd into agreeing.  When the herd stops agreeing, the elite are no longer elite.  How foolish it was to be afraid of little men, little tricksters, tricksy gollums all.

The herd is losing (or in my case, has lost) confidence in the con and when a rapidly growing mass of people wake the Hell up and see the scam that is being played on them then the powers that be have to do whatever they can in order to regain confidence.  Folks, if critical mass enters the awakening stage then it is not going to be pretty.  This is what I have always meant by "we ain't seen bad yet, but its coming".

We are still very early in this process of unwinding the rabid liberalism that has taken over our nation and in fact the globe.  But we are not so early that the alleged FISA abuse memo cannot turn out to be true and to have real implications on the deep state.  The recent forced resignation of FBI director Andrew McCabe is the latest in a series of incidents which prove that even made men in the government mafia can, are, and will be thrown under the bus in order to try to placate the herd.  But with each revelation, more and more of the card carrying dyed in the wool liberals realize that the conservatives / conspiracy theorists like me have actually been right all along.  And boy do they feel stupid for having been fooled like that.  Their pride has been damaged and that is not something that will easily be repaired.

Also of note today we see that liberal dem mayor of Hallendale Beach, FL. is now in serious deep shit after having gotten busted in an FBI sting.  "The mayor faces charges of money laundering, official misconduct, and exceeding limits on campaign contributions. Each of the charges is a 3rd-degree felony, she’s also been charged with soliciting contributions in a government building, which is a first-degree misdemeanor.".  Actually, she is now the ex-mayor with all of her power having been officially suspended pending outcome of the charges.  And I can guaran-damn-tee you that the FBI did not set the noose until they had this criminal bitch dead to rights.  You can see that some areas of the FBI are now breaking away from their liberal masters and are now doing their job again.  Why now???  You mean to tell me that Joy Cooper is just now a new criminal? HA HA HA!  She's been dirty for a long time.  She got used to it being easy.  She forgot that all this shit was felony city.  She felt she was entitled to all of this.  So no, she is not new to this and people, including the FBI have known for a long time.  But now the FBI is under attack with the perception that the whole organization is corrupt, which it is to some degree on every level, and they need to change the perception.  THAT and only that is why we are seeing these criminals go under the bus.  It is happening just like I said it would happen and trust me when I tell you we have barely scratched the surface here.  Closet doors will be flung open and massive skeleton piles will go rattling across parking lots for all the world to see.

American exceptionalism indeed.

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