Monday, January 29, 2018

Credit where credit is due

In a liberal world, the government tries to make fake truths "by fiat" or by decree.  The government say everyone is equal in everything.  Of course its not true in reality but the government has the ability to not only spend part of my current paycheck (forced taxation) but part of everyone's FUTURE paychecks (massive, unpayable debt) in order to create the illusion that it is true or at least to punish anyone who is brave enough to disagree.

In a conservative world, people don't need the government.  They do for themselves.  The weak and elderly are not uplifted but instead the strong and productive get their due.  Conservatives do not need government help to do what they are going to do.  I can hardly find a better example of this than this video about a powerhouse of a woman named Christmas Abbott.  As the first woman pit crew member for NASCAR she is basically the GI Jane of NASCAR. 

Watch the vid because it is awesome to see a woman go get what she wants not by government fiat but by working her ass off to get it.  Just amazing to see such a well adjusted, highly physical, non feminazi person carving out her own little place in history.  This should also serve as good evidence that there really is no discrimination in the work force. 

Liberals who will not do what it takes to get ahead just whine about discrimination but most companies that pay high wages are like NASCAR - highly competitive.  As a result, they will hire and retain whoever can do the job the best.  Not because they are nice people but rather because if they don't then someone else will and competitive advantage will be lost.  But the notion that you can just walk up and be accepted because you are you is foolish.  The best corporations do not want to hire people.  They want to pay for capabilities and performance.

Props to NASCAR pit crew member Christmas Joy Abbott.

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