Sunday, June 25, 2017

When royals no longer want to be royal.

I think that the very idea of royalty is such a pathetic joke.  The very idea that someone else is superior to anyone else simply by who banged their mother is laughable.  The only thing more laughable or tragic as it were is that people would actually buy into it as truth. 

Royalty is a wildly liberal concept in every way.  It is man being worshiped by man.  But royalty in some form or fashion has been around for thousands of years.  So why, oh why, is the British royalty ostensibly in free fall right now?  I mean, when in the Hell did we ever see a prince just 4 people away from the crown saying he did not want the job and in fact wants to be a normal person with a normal life?  Harry in fact says that nobody wants the job...

Well I think "Prince" Harry is full of British horse shit.  I think that he simply senses the conservative lean of the people, and like any good con man, simply wants to get on the right side of the wave by blending in with the common folk.  He's acting like those people who threaten suicide every year if they don't get what they want but then somehow never manage to go though with it.

Harry, stop talking crap.  You are not needed in the royal scheme of things. dude, you are 4th from the top and any bozo can handle your pointless :duties". If you really want a normal life then walk the walk because your talk is laughable.  In fact, it would not surprise me to see you off Charles, William and George in order to claw your way to the top.

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