Monday, June 19, 2017

California is learning what happens when government tries to control prices

The liberal California government has mandated that businesses pay employees, no matter their skill level, a "living wage" of $15.  This foolishness is supposed to punish the mean employers who are underpaying their workers thus leading to the big wealth gap that is causing so many social problems today.  Of course, larger corporations, who are the ones that arguably have all the money, already pay more than $15 per hour.  The only ones paying less than that are small businesses which barely scrape a living in a very competitive market.

And so now we see that this nanny state interference is causing more harm than good as smaller restaurants are throwing in the towel, effectively put out of business by government's new false do-gooder policies.  When will people learn that in a healthy society government is separate from economics and business.  Government is administrative and shares services, not moral leadership or economic leadership.  Even if it had these mandates, history has shown many times over that it is cable of neither.

Dear Hard Working Californians,

I was born in California and lived there until I joined the military.  Back then it was a great place to be with good weather and centrist government imposing reasonable taxes. But now it is a troubled liberal mess which is economically and socially a bug in search of a windshield.  When State Farm insurance put out is "Get to a better state" ad campaign it had a few states in mind like Illinois and New Jersey.  But close on the heels of those loser states are New York and California.  The socialism of the past 40 years is now coming to a head and others are already fleeing to better states.  Those who are left will see their taxes go up because the state is not interested in downsizing.  It will simply be left to amortize its costs over a shrinking tax base.  Get out while you still can.

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