Monday, June 12, 2017

They're coming for corrupt Ex-AG Lorretta Lynch

So many liberal a-holes of the past decades did things in the incorrect belief that they would always get the benefit of doubt from the liberal establishment.  For decades that was how things worked and so, in their little minds, why would it ever change.

Never mind that everything is cyclic.
Never mind that massive debt would eventually lead to massive suffering by the middle class and that such conditions historically drove major trend changes in the herd.
Never mind that I wrote on many occasions well in advance that it was going to happen.

Loretta Lynch clear ran cover for Hillary Clinton when Lynch's responsibility to the people of the US was to be apolitical.  She made a mockery of justice and now the people have sent word to congress that this better change or new leaders will be taking over soon.  So now we have dyed in the wool Democrat Diane Feinstein siding with Republican Lindsey Graham to call for an independent investigation of Lynch's behavior.

That is Loretta Lynch we just saw tumble under the bus.  I predict that Lynch will not fare well in this.  She should be looking for a non-extradition country to go spend the next few decades in.  Maybe the Clinton foundation can give her a few bucks for an economy class one way ticket.

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