Thursday, June 1, 2017

It's getting ugly out there.

Well it had to happen, didn't it?  Foolish men and women in these divided states of 'Merica are out drawing the battle lines of left vs. right.  I don't mean for debates.  I mean for hurting and killing on a large scale. 

When the lefties were in charge the righties put up with it.  But now the lefties seem to believe that they will be able bully everyone into seeing things their way even though their leaders were kicked out of office by an uncontested election.  I wish both sides would just stand down but I'm pretty sure the ugliness is just getting started because the real underlying issue isn't dem vs. GOP but rather entitled liberalism vs . working conservative.

Because of the funny money system that has been put into place, many liberals are being allowed to survive based on daily bread provided by government.  It is not their fault entirely because the fake money system has devalued the labor, especially low end labor in a very unfair way.  Work 8 hrs a day digging ditches that need to be dug and someone only wants to pay minimum wage that doesn't buy much in the way of food, shelter, family security.  How many years of working hard at the 'Merican dream without getting ahead does it take before many people just give up and decide to go on the dole?  Do they like this?  I think the answer is no.  But they look at all the overpaid zillionaires who don't work nearly has hard as they do and they lose hope.

The underlying cause of all this has nothing to do with political lean.  The herd doesn't know this of course because herds move for reasons that most in the herd do not understand.  Everyone else is doing it is a good reason to follow along.  But I'm telling you that the real reason for all this tension despite record low unemployment is the wealth inequality that is part and parcel of a fake money supply which transfers wealth from true labor to elitist overlords - both from the left and from the right.  The reason I was able to predict our arrival to this state of affairs so well in advance of it happening is simply because I understand the root cause of it all.

So I am telling anyone who will listen, free free to defend yourself from physical attack as that is your right.  But don't go causing trouble in the name of some bullshit political ideal because even the politicians don't believe in them.  All they believe in is staying in power and leeching off the system as long as possible.  Instead, focus your energies on ending the fake money system because the healing cannot and will not begin until we stop accepting fake paper currency in exchange for our labor.  Mammon Money is the root cause of all this angst and don't let any con man convince you of something different.

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