Tuesday, June 20, 2017

[CBDS] update

The backlink showed that the bounce on CBDS had begun per the model given in my first post ever on CBDS when the shares were trading at $3.90.  Today, they peaked at $4.94 and closed at $4.65.  That's a 20% closing gain since my first post only 7 trading days ago.  The next stop should be around $5.45- $5.60.

Now how did I do that?  Like I wrote in the original post, I don't know jack $hit about the pot "industry".  I don't have any insider info and to the best of my knowledge nothing fundamental was announced that should make the shares move on cue like this.

Well the answer is so simple that people can't believe it when they hear it.  Or maybe its their ego.  I don't know.  A lot of people do object to being called a herding species but the proof is right there before our eyes.  Herd movements can be predicted to about a 70% probability using the Elliott wave principle.  If this wasn't true then I would not be able to do it over and over again like this.

But you have to understand, everything is based on probability and not certainties.  A guy like Jim Cramer will tell you he spoke with the CEO and he believes in the story, blah blah blah.  But he's wrong as often as right and I have openly mocked him in these pages with good success at being right.  That's because the CEO doesn't know where the stock price will go to next either!  If they did, they would never sell at the bottom.

To be honest, I don't know whether CBDS will certainly go up to $5.45+ tomorrow as the model suggests it will but I think the odds favor it based on my wave count.  And maybe they have to dip to $4.45 first.  But I do know from the Elliott wave principle that if the shares move back below $4 before moving up to a new high in the $5.45 range that the model is probably wrong.

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