Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Look at the death of fake political correctness being played out.

How many people who were previously peer pressured (herded) into tolerating any and all kinds of stupid ass liberal shit will see this video or those like it and have their minds changed back the other way?   The notion of people being herded into this mindset is not something I just figured out.  I recognized it for what it was many years ago and, realizing that all herding behavior is cyclical, have been predicting a coming reversal in this behavior.   I wrote this view clearly in posts like this one done in 2010, long before it was becoming mainstream to say it out loud.

Back then I was seen as the fool for writing things like that.  Nowadays not so much.  That's just how herds roll.  When someone with a different view shows up, the herd just says "no" because it is too much energy to think about these things when a set of leaders has already been anointed to do our thinking for us.  Herding is a form of energy conservation and it has some very logical and good benefits.  But we humans have a hard time staying balanced.  So not only does the herd say no, it goes beyond that to intimidate, threaten, ridicule and cast out those who think differently so as to warn others who might be so inclined to get in line with the program.  It has always been a mix of blessing and curse for me that I am an independent thinker, a sovereign soul, with no predisposed or mandated loyalties (or hate) toward anyone.  I will not take abuse just because it comes from some "authority" for I do not recognize their authority to abuse me.  If they really want to hurt me they can and they will.  But those who attempt it should expect to lose a few teeth in the battle because I will not be going quietly.  Likewise, I will not be tricked/herded into hating someone and going to war with them for no good reason.  I don't need government to tell me what is good reason or not; most of the recent wars have been caused by government for the benefit of government.  No part of the government has any moral authority over me.

A major shift in the direction of the herd is coming.  Too few are getting way more than they earned and too many are getting far below what they deserve.  These situations cannot and do not last forever.  The coming changes will be the largest ever seen in the last 100 years.  Those who gladly participated in the corruption but who were not completely brought over into becoming psychopaths are now speaking out.  If you have not seen the recent Ronald Bernard video, perhaps this would be a good time to watch it through.

By the way, Bernard is a real person who, since walking away from the organized criminal element of peak liberalism, is starting his own bank that will use his own currency.  So his video is not a paid actor doing a hoax and in fact if he were a paid actor he would deserve an Oscar for that performance because I've never seen acting that good before.

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