Saturday, June 24, 2017

California bans state funded travel to conservative states.

Remember when I used to say we ain't seen bad yet but it's coming?  Well, the recent edict by California's over the top liberal government says that bad is closer than it may appear in the rear view mirror.  Cally's now banning state funded (if you want to call California a funded state...) travel to several conservative states which will not adopt pro gay laws.  Lack of hyper-queerism is, of course, in the eyes of California, a civil rights violation.

If it weren't an important sign of the growing divide in America I would just say "fuck you and the queer you rode in on" but in fact this situation is not funny.  It's equivalent to sanctions between states.  Sanctions are and always have been a form of economic warfare.  This action might give others the idea that it will punish businesses who deal with non-queer centric states.  Not that it is a big deal economically mind you.  Texas, for example, already has everything a country needs.  When State Farm was running its "get to a better state" commercials they might just as well have put in subtitle, " Texas".  Texas has plenty of open land, no state income tax, a very large coastline, a huge energy business, cattle on the hoof, big cities, high tech and a massive border with Mexico from which to import low cost items and human labor, EIEIO.  Texas has it all.  Texas might even be the state that would do best as a separate country.  So Texans will just laugh at this still-symbolic move by Califagnia/Californication, or whatever it eventually decides to call itself.

Seriously, why is Cally doing this?  Because it's the right thing to do?  No of course not.  This is what is known as a political stunt.  The goal is to misdirect the ignorant, easily controlled masses with a diversion from the real problems like the fact that Cally's universal health care bill is dead for the year and in fact simply dead due to the fact that cally is badly in debt.  All of the stupid liberal shit that stupid liberals think is going to happen is in fact not going to happen because the math doesn't add up right now and its only getting worse as job-creating conservatives flee the state.

Instead of cutting costs through reduced government size, Taxifornia is increasing taxes in a vain attempt to save the status quo.  Conservative Californians better stand up by all means necessary and soon else the state is going to economically collapse like Puerto Rico and soon to collapse Illinois.

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