Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Dangerous right wingers?

For several years now I have been writing that the global debt Ponzi will eventually collapse and we we know the signs of it drawing near by the civil unrest that is building at the individual level.  How many times have I quoted the great Jim Morrison in these pages ("there's a killer on the road, his brain is squirmin' like a toad...") when describing what is going to happen to people as the debt fueled prosperity seems to slip away.  How many times have I quoted Gerald Celente, "when people lose everything and think they have nothing left to lose, they "lose it""?  How about, "we ain't seen bad, but it's coming".

Well, the marginal players are always hit the first and the worst.  Who do you think is, in general, more marginal?  Is it the liberal establishment worker who trusted the government for all his needs or is it the conservative "maker", someone who knows how to build things with his hands and who has never shied away (or cried about) doing hard work?

Finally, what have I been saying about the coming pitchfork revolution?  That's right, the AR15 is the new pitchfork.  When the people get hurt badly enough by the collapse of the fake money system which enslaves us all, I guarantee you the AR15s will come out.   Most will not even know what the root cause of all the fighting is.  Blame will be flying back and forth but little to no blame will land where it belongs which is on the shoulders of the fake money system which steals from the middle class and poor and gives to the haves and the have mores who know how the game plays.

In today's evidence point we have a white out of work administrative type (a home inspector - someone to force a government's high standards on us all so that they can in turn justify high taxes forever) who was apparently living out of his car.  Well, this moron was all whipped up by the left fueled "Hate Trump" movement.  So he found a baseball game where GOP members were having some fun and he started shooting people.

So much for liberal tolerance.  We conservatives put up with Obama strutting around like a peacock for 8 years and we put up with neocons for a lot longer than that.  For the record, neocons are not conservative. There is no such thing as an old conservative and a new conservative.   Conservatism doesn't change with the wind.  Neo cons are just liberals who say they are conservative.  If you look at the things that they do, the truth is easy to see.  Neocons saw that the wind was blowing liberal and they didn't fight it.  Instead they used it for personal advantage.  You want to see conservative, look at Dr. Ron Paul.  He fought everything based on conservative principles, period.

As I have said many times, when the shit hits the fan the biggest trouble makers will be liberals.  They think life owes them a living and by gosh if they don't get it then there will be a temper tantrum.  These people will cause trouble without provocation.  That is not to say that conservatives won't do their share of damage as well.  But a conservative waits for provocation; he does not do preemptive strikes.  With conservatives, some kind of line must be crossed such that a reasonable person takes up arms against the aggressor regardless of whether said aggressor is wearing a tee shirt and blue jeans, a police uniform or a military uniform.  Don't tread on me because you will not like the back lash.  But leave me alone and I will not start the trouble.  So the worst thing that government could do when someone attacks them is to come after my guns because that would be a declaration of war against me.  I will not be peacefully disarmed by anyone without a proper constitutional amendment getting rid of the 2nd and the 4th amendments, etc.

I'll close by quoting the article,"Lawmakers noted their good fortune in having armed protectors on hand — "Thank God," they exclaimed over and over — and said otherwise the shooter would have been able to take a huge deadly toll.".  Yes, thank G-d that the police just happened to be on body guard duty for the law makers.  Otherwise I agree it would have been a LOT worse.  But I don't get to have a friendly squad of police watching my back all the time now, do I?  That means I am on my own to protect myself.  That is why nobody is going to disarm me and anyone who tries will be sorry they did.  I think that there are several million people in the USA who would say the same thing if you asked them.

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