Thursday, June 29, 2017

An exercise in using your scientific mind.

Most people do not practice self thinking because it takes energy.  Instead we let someone else lead and we herd along.  If you do this for long enough it becomes difficult to think.  That is one of the reasons that I plan to blog until I die.  Blogging makes you consider things past the headlines.

Here is your chance to practice.

I'll state something outlandish.  Normally you would just roll your eyes and claim that it is outlandish simply because you know others would think you are a kook for giving such a thing more than a passing thought and a pooh-pooh or a ridicule.  But the scientific mind approaches things without a predisposed notion of the truth or nontruth of a matter.  The scientific minded person shuts his mouth and opens his senses, eyes and ears and takes in facts, and then weighs the facts and comes up with a conclusion based not on what someone else will think of you but based on the fact.

So the crazy sounding notion is that stock cycles could be somehow tied to sunspots.  Sounds crazy so try reading the facts.  The article was written in Y2K.  Read the whole thing.  I know, it's a long article and your brain has been trained to be lazy by the liberal society which has convinced you to  leaving the thinking to someone else.  But here is your chance to push back against that feeling and to instead give your brain a mental workout.  You will find that mental exercise is no different than the physical kind.  The more you do it the easier it becomes.

If you read that article, then check this out:

What do you think might happen next based on the facts?

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Augustine said...

Since the sun is the main driver of the climate and sunspots indicate the level of solar activity, it follows that economic activities most reliant on the climate should be more immediately affected by the solar activity cycle. Of course, agriculture, the primary economic activity, relies completely on the climate for food production. And it's a fact that it's affected by the solar cycle (v. ). With these facts in mind, remember the last time when food prices shot up worldwide and what happened to the economy and to politics when the people are hungry: Arab Spring.

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