Friday, June 2, 2017

Bye Bye Hillary. Don't let the door...

I proclaimed long ago in these pages that Hillary was over.  In fact, long before the election and even before Trump announced his candidacy I wrote that Hillary would not likely win.  Not because of the so called fundamentals of money, power, corruption, greed that would support her but rather because I was tracking the many decade cycle of pendulum swings between conservative and liberal herd think.

As many times as I have written about it, nothing has put more of a nail in Hillary's political coffin than what is being written about her in articles like this one today.  That writer nailed: Hillary is now a political wraith, the foul smelling spirit of peak liberalism from an era that is rapidly getting smaller in the rear view mirror.  If she was smart she would just fire everyone and move to a non-extradition country right now.  She is in greater danger than she thinks possible.  Her ability to attract new money in the pay for political access game has collapsed and it takes a great deal of money to keep a corrupt ship afloat where any leak, and damage below the water line has to be patched up with wads of cash as the only means.  With her protective shell of paid loyalists gone she has no shield from any attack that could be launched against her for past crimes.  It was too volatile a situation to do this right after the elections but in 6 months or a year, will it still be?  Or will Hillary lovers have given up on her?  Remember, most of them didn't know why they were following her.  They were doing it mainly to avoid being outcast.  So their perceived loyalties are only as strong as the herd think and when I see articles like the one above allowed to be published I can say with high probability that herd think is no longer on the side of Hillary Clinton.

Bye Bye Hillary.

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