Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Look at the signs.

Turmoil in the middle east is heating up the fear trade.  War over there would be bad for US stocks, good for oil, good for gold and miners.  But note the overarching theme that is happening globally: herds are disbanding.  Weak allies are infighting.  Globalization is dying.  Disunification is happening at all levels.  This is because conservatives want to think for themselves whereas the liberals were all about subjugating themselves to the rule of others.  With the ongoing collapse of global liberalism will come a peak in the credit on offer.  These are all signs and symptoms that I am on record as predicting we should see in the final days of the Global Debt Ponzi.  No liberal credit card spending spree can last forever without the card company finally wanting some payments to be made. 

Fake money was introduced into the world over the past 100 years starting with the establishment of the Federal Reserve System in 1913.  It was first outed as fake money publicly in 1971 when the fake promises of gold backed dollar were finally shown to be the lies that they were.  There is no backing for the fake money and thus it is not real money.  It is a fantasy; a scam.  Like the closing of the gold window in 1971, the revelation of this fact will come as a shock to most people since they have confidence in the con men running this game.  Idiots laugh at people like me and say, "well it hasn't happened yet so you must be a crazy conspiracy theorist".  I used to hear it all the time but lately I sense a loss of confidence by those involved.

I predict that government infighting will increase the world over because big government is organized crime and that's what happens to all organized crime syndicates before their ultimate fall.  As people see this infighting the people will lose confidence in them.  When this happens the value of paper money will plummet because the value of the faith based currency is directly proportional to confidence in the issuing authority.

I hope you have been cost averaging into a Faraday cage made of gold and silver coins so that you can weather the economic EMP that is coming.

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