Friday, June 23, 2017

Email from Peter Schiff is off base

Regarding Texas' new gold depository, Peter Schiff sent out an email whose title was "Texas Bullion Depository Will Defend Gold & Silver Against Fed Government".

I don't know why smart guys like Schiff can say such dumb things.  He clearly knows that paper money is a scam.  He knows that central banks are running a Ponzi and his employee says so on Schiffs website.  Social security, pensions and the dollar are all Ponzis according to Schiff.  And he's right in all cases.  But he's not seeing the bigger picture which is that the elite are running a global trust Ponzi.  All of the things Schiff mentions are just elements of the larger theme which is to play the stupid trusting sheeple for all they are worth in every way they can.  Other elements of this include outsourcing all of ones personal security to government controlled police forces.

If you are going to buy gold for the long term, and I'm talking physical bullion coins that get your wealth off the grid, then why in Hell would you want to register it with a gold depository whose records are one quick search warrant away from confiscation by government??  During the last gold confiscation, I have been clear about who the government targeted and why.  They targeted the banks and big corporations who had gold clearly listed on their balance sheets.  They targeted the big, concentrated, well documented piles of gold.  That is how they were able to confiscate cost effectively.  It would be much harder to go after every citizen in person, and a lot more dangerous as well.

I say that centralized gold stashes are just fucking stupid.  Keep your own gold yourself.  It costs you nothing to do so and there are about 1 million clever hiding places where coins can live without anyone ever knowing.  When its time to sell them, do so on the open market where anonymity is legal and easy.  All the gold depository does is put a 3rd party between you and your property!  And even if that 3rd party is honest, the government can compel them at gunpoint (everything the government does is effectively at gunpoint) to hand over your gold and then send you an official letter saying that government has confiscated your assets, take it up with them.  That letter might as well start off with the title, "Dear Gullible Fuck".

This is not the time to trust government or anyone else except close family and friends IMO.  And even with them you have to remain guarded if things collapse rapidly like they did in 2008.  This fake money system is global.  Don't forget that.  Lots of people will eventually get stiffed for what they are owed and for a time it will cause them to stop working.  The goods will stop flowing and they will not be much fun.  Nobody can say exactly when it will happen but the math of an exponential rise in debt is unavoidable.

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