Monday, June 5, 2017

Look at how the public narrative is changing.

My G-d, I cannot believe how quickly the Hollywood liberalism is collapsing.  Before the US presidential elections a guy like Robert De Niro could do no wrong; he was Hollywood royalty and if you spoke out publicly against him you might never work in Tinseltown again.  But look at how Dennis Miller is being allowed to bag on him in this "interview".  One of the worst things you can do to a member of the human herd is to make fun of them in public.  Losing face is a universally bad situation for we humans.  But now we see links appearing in Google "news" that show Miller telling us in a very rehearsed monologue way that De Niro simple isn't worth listening to and that if you do so you are a fool.

Miller is effectively using the liberal tolerance argument against De Niro and De Niro is walking right into the trap by doing what Hillary is doing - going around showing everyone that he is a poor loser.  Big changes are happening now and I predict that as the stock market peaks and begins to slide along with the economy into recession that the rate of change accelerates.

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