Monday, June 5, 2017

The UK is going to be less tolerant with tolerance.

After getting hit with several high profile terrorism attacks, the UK's Theresa May pronounced that "Enough is Enough".  Unfortunately for her, enough was too much a long time ago yet foolish liberal ideas about "tolerance" allowed the UK to get in over its head with the terrorists (who by the way love the notion of tolerance for others but know nothing about it themselves nor will they ever want to learn).  At the same time, May is battling government budget issues and is cutting back on the police as a result.

So here is the interesting part.  The UK (and many other countries) are having growing issues with terrorism and general civil unrest.  The underlying problem is, of course, wealth inequality which is a direct and predictable function of the use of fake money which greatly enriches those who know how to take advantage of it to get ahead without doing the normally requisite labor.  Everyone is now indebted to their eyeballs and the global economy is weakening.  There is just no way to make up the difference by taxing the workers.  Government must get smaller. 

But governments all over the world have set up rules that create a monopoly on personal protection.  In most countries besides the USA you either use the services of government for your law enforcement needs or you become a victim. Which is to say that you will at some point become a victim because governments, especially those of the shrinking variety, cannot be there for everyone who needs protection from evil.

In the US, at least in most of the states, you can do something to protect yourself.  You can get a gun, become proficient in its use, and carry it to most places you need to go.  Thus, if you need personal protection services in the moment then you don't have to look around scared and helpless wishing there were a cop near by.  Instead, you can re-take your own self protection responsibilities unto yourself and cut out the middle man who cannot be there to protect you anyhow.

This notion, for now, is a running joke with the rest of the world about the USA.  We here in the US are "gun crazy" idiots for wanting to keep unto ourselves the right and responsibility for self protection.  Civilized society, they will tell us, leaves all this to the hands of the professionals in law enforcement.  Yes, it sounds like a fine strategy but it requires the terrorists to cooperate for it to be effective.  But when the terrorists get a bit more clever and a bit more prevalent, the strategy is soon found to be wanting.

Well, that's where the UK and France and Germany and many other EU nanny states are now finding themselves and soon I believe we are going to begin to see the unthinkable.  Soon the people of these regions are going to start asking why they can't keep and bear self defense weapons in order to shut these terror attacks down as quickly as they start, thus cutting way back on the number of deaths involved and also ensuring that the perpetrators don't escape to cause more trouble a month from now.  Soon the jokes about gun crazy Americans are going to stop and the fools that promoted that mockery are going to have to eat humble pie.  Outsourcing your personal security to someone who is underfunded, overworked and who in many cases simply doesn't give a damn about anything except nursing at the teat of government is not a good idea, has never been a good idea and never will be a good idea.

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