Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The main point of my long standing thesis is summed up in a 5 minute video.

Ken O' Keefe absolutely gets it and he does a stellar job of communicating it.  This video is 5 minutes well spent IMO.

There is nothing wrong in the world today that will not get mostly or totally fixed by moving from dishonest/scam ridden/fraudulent fake money and going to real money which cannot be gamed by a small number of crafty little scam artists (AKA the Illuminati).  I tell you truly, if people would just stop accepting their fake money as if it were real (or converting it to something real as quickly as they acquired it), the masters of this world would all be turned out into the streets within a month and trampled into dust.  But the herd must act in unison for that to happen; that is the lesson of the Battle of Kruger.

It's coming folks and probable a good deal faster than most people think is possible.  The debt chart of the USA is now heading nearly straight up and so it must continue or it will collapse in such a hard way that it will make the brainwashed masses take notice.  A new leader will emerge from the rubble and that will be our chance to make real change, not the fake change of Bush, Obama or Trump.

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