Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Illin' Noise is the new Puerto Rico

Read about the future before it happens.  When State Farm aired commercials saying "get to a better state" they were telling people to get out before the bankruptcies happen.  There are no good states in this regard. Just bad and worse.  Bad is the new better.

The next time the stock markets go into a bear market, many state pension funds will be outed as the bankrupt jokes that they are.   Then the liberals who infest the state pension system are going to be all upset wanting people like me who do not get any pension to go deeper out of pocket to give them their lifetime bennies.   Needless to say, people like me are not going to agree to it.  Instead we will simply say that the ants warned the grasshoppers many times but nobody listened so now they will have to lie in the bed they made.

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