Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Wyoming judge declines to perform same sex marraiges - and gets away with it.

Remember past news about Oregon bakers that wouldn't make gay cakes and how the establishment came down on them hard with a $135k fine that caused them to shut down their business?  Well, they lost their business but still have not paid the fine and are appealing it.  And I predict that they have let enough time pass by allowing the new conservative mood to gain a better foothold so this time they will win.  The facts of the case haven't changed but the appeals court has seen all the new conservative things happening and they are not going to side with the outgoing liberal regime because at the end of the day these jerks are just pandering to the court of public opinion.

It does not hurt the baker's case that a WY judge recently declined to perform same sex marriages without any real penalty.  To me that is a LOT more severe than simply refusing to bake a friggin' cake.  After all, we citizens never signed anything that said that another person could force us to work for them even if we didn't want to.  Where I come from that is called slavery. 

Yet the WY judge was not fined anything at all.  And she gets to keep her cushy job too.  The ruling panel even conceded that her conduct "undermines the integrity of the judicial system".  But still no fine.  She got a "censure" (AKA written hand slap) instead.  What a joke!  If ever there was a clear cut case for removing someone from their job it should be about removing a judge who refuses to follow the law, no matter their reason.  After all, if she doesn't receive the same penalty for the same crime as a citizen then THAT undermines the integrity of the judicial system more than anything else I can think of.  If we have a blatant 2 speed legal system, why should I listen to the police?  Why should I listen to judges?  Why should anyone?  Only children and morons will accept a "do as I say and not as I do" system where elite don't have to follow the rules they impose, by lethal force if needed, on the rest of us.

But the WY Supreme Court didn't want to create precedent that would limit what other lawyers could say or do.  Not only could it come back down upon them legally via the precedent they set, it could also come back down on them politically.  So instead, they just slapped her hand and upheld her "right" to do whatever the f-ck she wants to do even though she is a paid employee of the people.

If we stand back and observe unemotionally we have to conclude that this judge knew there was a chance she would be made to step down by following her religious convictions.  She knew that she would lose big pay and benefits and an outsized public pension.  So there is no doubt she was taking a big risk.  Yet she still did what she did anyhow. This is a perfect example of what I told people to look for a long time ago as signs of the end times of the fake money Ponzi system.  When the promise of payment can no longer make people do things that are against their core beliefs it is a CLEAR sign that Mammon Money is losing its hold on the people.  And the fact that she didn't lose her job over it is sending the herding message far and wide that you really don't need to listen to the liberal requirements for giving extra rights and privileges to gay people.  It won't take too many of these cases before we see people begin to challenge the constitutionality of these ridiculous laws, and win.  Until then, I am content in seeing the liberal crap fall apart under its own corrupt weight and I am waiting for that 3rd wave event - that point of recognition - that everything I have been writing along these lines is and has been correct.

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