Friday, March 17, 2017

Despite wage stagnation and rampant wealth inequality, Yahoo Finance reports consumer confidence is at a 13 year high.

Every con game thrives on confidence but they all end the same way.  Yahoo finance reports that confidence is at a 13 year high.

The picture of a carefree young woman with nothing better to do than to go shopping in high street boutique stores is hysterical.  When her credit card comes due from making all those overpriced and unnecessary purchases she will be crying the blues for someone to make the payments for her. 

The fact that a significant pullback in markets is going to happen at some point is predictable.  The exact timing of when the hens will come home to roost is also predictable to a degree.  Try my Elliott wave market timing service if you want to know how a successful trader views it all playing out.

1 comment:

Augustine said...

The shopping spree is paid for alright. Isn't that, and spring break (v., what student loans are for?

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