Wednesday, March 8, 2017

More and more real oversight is happening in government positions

The con men running big government clearly now understand that they need to put on a better face before the public than they have been doing in the last 50 years else the repercussions will be stiff.  As such, the amount of scrutiny and of public push back to those trying to weasel their way into government positions has been extraordinary both here in the US and abroad.

I mean, have you seen the number of candidates for Trump administration positions who have "voluntarily" removed their names from the running?

Just recently:
Labor secretary wannabe walks away
Naval secretary wannabe walks away 

Sure, they did it after it was made known to them that someone had dirt on them and that said dirt would be certainly be marched forth if they didn't walk away.  It's clear that the gloves are off these days and that unless you are some kind of saint you better be prepared to be tarred and feathered in the public eye anymore if you want one of these jobs.

In the past the politicians never really did anything to damage each other's ability to suck at the public teat.  Oh sure, you had the war of words but all of it was just grandstanding so that moronic people who are impressed by fancy talk would think their candidate was a stand up guy.  None of this talk was ever directed at the system or at internal corruption though.  None of it was even used to seriously question any politico's fitness to teat-suck.  At least not until last year when Trump made it OK to tell other politicians during public debates (and other related events) that they were career criminals who should be in jail

That fake political correctness that I have said so many times in posts like this one from 2011 was going to be a casualty of the last days of the global debt Ponzi is now almost gone.  More and more I am seeing that those in government are behaving better, having more self-governance than before simply because they know if they don't do it then the people will be coming for them.  This trend is going to continue for years to come as the herd begins to turn on those who once seemed to have hypnotic powers over the crowd.

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