Saturday, March 11, 2017

Brave superhuman hero police LT. looks awfully small when the law is applied to him.

Vid from Dec of 2016 shows that the conservative wave is in full swing in many places in the USA.  Start the vid at 3:15 which is where the drunk driving police lieutenant and the arresting officer are finally past the small talk.   Then the LT starts asking for special treatment and the arresting officer essentially tells him that that game is over and that he has a job to do.  So you know what has been going on for a long time across the states but now you see individual officers declining to implement the 2 speed legal system.  The reason: it has finally become career risk to do the wrong thing.  Back in the liberal days, the risk was always to go against the blue line.  The liberals made it career limiting to do the right thing.

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