Sunday, March 5, 2017

When we rise miniseries ratings collapse. reports that ABC's heavily advertised 8 hour miniseries gay rights drama named "When We Rise" saw its viewership collapse by 33% from the debut installment from 3 mn viewers down to "an audience of only 2.05 million on Wednesday, which is pathetic for prime-time slot on a commercial TV network".  The article states that part 1 "flopped".  So the 2.05 million views for part 2 was much worse than a flop I guess.  Oh yeah, the article already classified it as "pathetic" which is certainly worse than a flop.

This "pathetic" outcome was not the result of bad acting or lack of spending/driving awareness.  Heatstreet nails the real reason, "When We Rise at times resembled an infomercial for GLAD (Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders). Even the New York Times didn’t give the show a rave—when the Grey Lady sniffs that a starry gay-rights drama “plays like a high-minded, dutiful educational video,” you know the show is in trouble."

Folks, are we waking up yet?  Are we starting to get it?  I don't want to be unkind but please, let's not be slow on the uptake.  Liberalism has peaked in the USA and in the world, period.  The perpetual crying about the poor treatment of gays and minorities has simply run its course.  There was a time when the treatment was in fact very unfair.  Jobs and promotions and many other things could have been in the balance.  But those things are long past us and we conservatives are simply tired of hearing about what crappy people we are when in fact we haven't done a damned thing to hurt anyone.  At my experience in industries as far reaching as technology development and manufacturing.

Face it folks, the liberal guilt trip tactic is done.  Finito.  As in people simply don't want to hear about it anymore because it really isn't a significant thing anymore.  From here on in, those who continue to play that card will see the reaction to their whining turn from sympathy to scorn.  Life is hard on everyone.  Even Hillary.  Even Trump. Contrary to popular belief, excess amounts of money does not make life easier.  Funner in some ways?  Yes.  But you also miss out on the simply joys of family and friends.  I will venture to say that rich people have very few friends, very few they can really trust.  We will find that this is true in the future when the tattle battles pick up speed and catch many elite by surprise with criminal charges.  It will have been their "friends" who ratted them out.

Is there still SOME racial/sexist crap going on?  Of course.  And there always will be some.  But its just not a big social problem anymore between the people.  You are never going to eradicate the last 1% of anything.  Likewise, there will always be gays even after their gay day parades are cancelled around the world in the coming years.  And it won't be we conservatives who cancel them; it will be the gay communities themselves that simply decide to spend that time doing something else.   That's because people are only going to put effort into those things if they think someone is watching/listening/caring and increasingly nobody is listening to the liberal messaging that is being projected on behalf of gays and minorities.

Note what I said there.  I do not see many gays and minorities whining themselves.  I see people who have installed themselves as the fake representatives of these demographics doing all the whining and white shaming (even though many of these hypocrites are white elitists themselves!).  Does Hillary really give a shit about gays or minorities?  Hell no.  She only cares about what she can extract from society by posing as their friend and leader.  So the ones who are really losing here are not the actual gay people or minorities.  The real loser in this deal is the liberal establishment.  Most gay and minorities are just regular folk who want to be free to live their lives the way they want to without involvement or interference as long as they aren't hurting anyone else.

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