Thursday, March 30, 2017

I give it no more than 3 more years - 2020 - for full disclosure

Long time readers know that I have predicted that the truth about 911 will be admitted by government as part of the collapse of the global debt Ponzi.  They won't do it because they want to, they will do it because things will have gotten so bad that they will have to begin telling truths else nobody will follow them going forward.

As I look around at the teetering state of the liberal globalists, I'm now willing to put a date on when I think it will come out and that is no later than 2020.

Until then here's another take on why the official story is nothing more than a GDF lie.

Also, ex-NIST employees are beginning to wake up to the truth. 

Of all the criminal acts of governments that have taken place during my lifetime, and there have been many, 911 is the main one that I want to see people go to jail over.  I want to see some elite folks get the death penalty.  I probably won't get that wish since prosecutions are likely to take place in New York but life in a crap prison could actually be a worse fate what with the daily beatings the perps of 911 will certainly receive there.

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