Saturday, March 11, 2017

Gee I wonder why this is happening...

A couple weeks ago, Starbucks showed its support for the dying liberal agenda by going on a loud and proud hiring spree of refugees after Trump made it clear he was going to target undocumented persons for deportation. I guess they forgot that they are first a business; a publicly traded company and that the personal liberal shortcomings of the executive management staff should not be allowed to impact sales.  Why?  Because that's what Credit Suisse just accused them of doing.

That's right, Starbucks actually made this big political statement in an attempt to grandstand in front of what it thought were its loyal liberal demographic customers.  They expected applause and adulation.  What they got was something quite different.  So WTF happened???  Did Starbucks really completely miss the boat in understanding who their customers are and what they think?  TRUST ME, the CEO would not have done this if he knew it would crater revenues because his ass can be on the sidewalk in short order where nobody at all will listen to his liberal shit.  If he is fired from Starbucks for this his big career is effectively over.

In fact, I don't think Starbucks missed the target bullseye.  I think that someone moved the target.  In other words, his customers are still those who he thought they were, but they are not thinking the same way as before in aggregate.  The conservative mood has captured them.  2-3 years ago his customers would have been gleeful about his move.  They would have celebrated.  That's because at least half of what the average sheeple says or does is dictated by the direction of the herd and you better know that I have been on the outside many a time simply because I cannot pander to herd think.  Let me tell you, its a special kind of uncomfortable. At the same time, it was never in my DNA to say or do things that are outside of my character just to please someone else.

And so here is the truth of the matter.  The liberal lean that has been part of society for the past 50+ years is gone.  Poof.  Just vanished.

Watch and see.  You heard it here first.  All things liberal will take a step back.  Everyone is observing the reaction of the herd to moves like the refugee-hiring stunt pulled by Starbucks CEO.  They are adapting as a result.  And their adaptation is more profound that most people understand.  Its not that they will be afraid to say and do liberal things going forward but rather that they simply won't feel like doing it in the first place.  In fact, expect some dyed in the wool liberals to begin saying downright conservative things.  They won't even feel like hypocrites because they will hardly realize that the changes are happening over 2,3,4,5 years.  That's the power of herding instinct over man.

The changes will seem small at first but they will grow in time.  For example, the Los Angeles Gay Pride parade, which has been a big deal for a long time in the gay community will not happen this year.  It will be replaced by an anti Trump protest.  Oh sure, its still gay people gathering in large numbers for a common cause but things like the parade, they have a momentum.  I don't think the parade was cancelled because of the need for yet another political protest!  You can have protests all the time but there is only one LA Gay Pride parade where the members get to be loud and proud about their orientation.  I think the real story is that the number of participants for the parade cratered this year and as a result the organizers turned it into a protest.  What do you want to bet that it will simply be cancelled next year with some other excuses given?  Did you even notice that they don't call it gay pride anymore?  Now its just LA Pride.  Call me crazy but it seems like they are becoming less and less proud about their orientation.

Here's another little zinger.  When I when to the web site in order to obtain the link about the cancellation of gay pride, I found that it was called It is obviously some kind of LBGT news source.  Normally for something like this you would expect to have gay - leaning advertisements.  There were a couple of those when I was there but by far the nicest, largest, best placed ad was pushing a hetro agenda.  Per below, it shows a man and woman being intimate and then in big red letters it labels them "healthysexuals".  If you don't think this messaging is going into people's subconscious and causing changes in the way people think then you better think again.  The subliminal implication is clearly that hetro is healthy leaving everything else to be something else.

I'm looking for a 3rd wave down in the gay thing.  It's coming.  Not because I want it to, simply because that's my read of the substantial and growing data set.

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