Thursday, March 2, 2017

Can professional Elliott wave analysis increase your trading sucess? [QCOM]

The model below is from my very first post ever on Qualcomm.  At the time I wrote, "My high level model of the shares show it to be in the final stages of a multi year dead cat bounce from the fall of dot bomb.  This is clearly a corrective wave.  In fact, it is C of B.  In other words, expect it to collapse into a lower low than the prior $12 low.  The 5 waves up into A are obvious.  We are now working on the 5th wave throw over of an ending diagonal."

Keep  in mind that I don't know Jack Shit about Qualcomm's business. Still, my first post ever on the shares picked the top almost exactly and the shares have moved down sharply since.  Red 1 was a 5 wave motive move and red 2 was a three wave correction.  My model thus predicts that a trap door is about to open for Qualcomm and that the pain is going to get worse and worse as shown.

What do YOU think is going to happen to these shares next?  How will you know if you got it wrong?  When would you know to take profits on your position?  By the so called fundamentals?  I've already proven many times that the fundamentals do not reliably help you understand what the shares are likely to do next.  Is it not truly darkest before the dawn?  Does a light bulb not glow the brightest just before it burns out?  What fundamentals are meaningful today?

Try my subscription market timing service based on Elliott wave analysis and get uncommon insight such as I have provided for Qualcomm and other stocks on this legacy blog. The subscription is $39.95/month if you sign up for monthly service.  If you prefer to go month by month you pay only $54.95.  Either way its one of the best values in market timing insight on the web.  Try it for a month and see if you don't agree.

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