Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Blame Game cometh.

I've written many times that the end days of the debt Ponzi would including infighting by the elite, nationalism and protectionism.  When the organized crime game of global elitism was expanding on the back of free debt money, everyone found it easy to get along.  But now things are going to shit all over, just as I said they would. So far most of the really crappy stuff has happened to only the very marginal global players but Trump knows just how bad things really are after you factor in the unpayable debt and he is blaming anyone he can.  It's China's fault for manipulating their currency down and Germany's fault for maintaining such a big trade imbalance.  Does Trump know better?  Maybe not maybe so but it really doesn't matter now.  His main goal will be to explain how it is everyone else's fault when the shit hits the fan.

Today Mish points out that G20 open trade, no protectionism talk is being removed from official treaty promises.  Very predictable.  The scraps are becoming less and less and so the "me first" attitude is taking over.   The natives are becoming restless and the elite are beginning to in-fight.

At the end of the day it's all a big show.  They were all working the con together and now the con, like every con, is coming to an end.  When all the Marks and Patsies are fleeced and there is nothing left to take from them, the elite will infight  in order to determine which of them get to survive the culling.

Yes, that's right.  Many people worried about how the elite were going to cull the herd but exactly the opposite is going to happen.  It's the elite who will soon be under the gun.  It is as I have always said it is: the elite are elite because they parasitically steal from the serfs.  The great debt Ponzi that was powered from the green back is very long in the tooth and so the serfs have less and less to take.  Thus the elite need to in-fight in order to determine who gets what cut of the dwindling resources.  And its only going to get worse.  This is how all organized criminal activity always meets its end - from within.

The great news is this: these people would not be infighting if there was any other way to stay afloat.  They would just get heavy handed and tell the people that they are slaves and to shut up and get back to work so that the elite can continue their age old parasitism.  That is very easy to do when the serfs know they are serfs and when slaves know they are slaves.  But at least in the USA many people have not understood that the fake paper currency effectively enslaved them.  When they finally wake up they are going to be hopping mad about it.  Again, if the people were not armed to the teeth then it just wouldn't matter how mad they got about it.  But each time the cycle resets, the people get a better deal and part of that better deal in the USA was the right to keep and bear arms. 

Going forward if someone tries to get heavy handed with the people then we are going to see just how many guns, bullets and other weapons the Americans have been hoarding all this time.  I think it will astound many people just what an arsenal exists on American soil outside of the hands of government.  Anyone who thinks that the American government is going to have an easy time of quieting down the people after the truth about our national bankruptcy is told is a fool.  Trump's first play is to just blame everyone else.  That's won't go very far this time.  It's Trump's next move - that which comes after he realizes the futility of blaming China and Germany or anyone else for US elite profligate spending to the point of BK USA - that will be the real opener for this show.

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