Thursday, March 23, 2017

One tin badge is as good as any other.

I was interested to recently see an ad for one of those companies which help people get their concealed carry permit.  The picture from the ad is below.  As you can see, along with your official concealed carry ID, you get a police style "shield" to put in your "shield wallet" or wear around your neck on a chain or on your belt like the police do.

Some may think this is stupid but I see it as a direct challenge to the authority of police to be the only gun carrying do gooders in our society.  Trust me, if I had ANY choice in the matter I would call upon the help of one of these concealed carry people if I should need it long before I would call any cop.  The cops simply do not care who they kill.  They are a bunch of self entitled, overpaid, steroid pumped control freaks and parasites.  They have stopped being the protectors of the people a long time ago and now all they are is a bunch of bullies hiding behind guns and badges paid for by the people.  Their job is supposed to be to risk their own lives in order to ensure public safety.  Instead they discard public safety and personal rights the minute they feel the tiniest bit threatened.  They will certainly shoot your dog, even on your own fenced property, on sight and then claim they were worried for their own safety which of course in their pea brains trumps all other considerations.

Screw the cops.  I don't trust them anymore and they don't care if I do or not.  So screw them and screw their pensions too, 

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