Saturday, March 18, 2017

Ron Paul discusses ways that the government will screw the people in order to "save the people".

George W. Bush infamously told the American people that he had to abandon free market principles to save the free market system.  What he really meant was that he was forced to expose the people to the fact that we have not had a free market system for a long time.  Crony capitalism based on fake paper money is faaaaaaar from any kind of free market system.  It exists for the benefit of the elite who created it.  It is the effective enslavement of those who labor under it. 

Bush was lamenting the fact that he was forced to prove that the system is actually rigged. When the banks got in trouble, the government bailed them out with public money.  Watch the video a couple times and you can see how Bush knows what a ridiculous scam had to be pulled in order to save the Ponzi from collapse.  He doesn't even know how to act presidential about it.  He's almost blushing at the outrageous nature of the whole thing.

Folks, the system is not saved.   The can was merely kicked down the road.  Nothing has been fixed.  We just keep papering over the collapse with more and more debt, more and more promises to pay even though the middle class of America finds itself less and less able to pay.  Who among us is so foolish as to believe that this debt Ponzi can continue forever?

There are those among us who consider Ron Paul an idiot.  I am not one of them.  Like Ross Perot, Ron Paul is a truth teller.  The only problem is that when people don't want the party to end they don't care about the facts.  They don't care about the consequences and they shoot the messenger. 

Remember when Ross Perot warned us way back in 1992 about that giant sucking sound that would be jobs leaving the country?  Many people laughed at the notion but who is laughing now?  Our middle class is in collapse.  Many Americans are surviving only because of government support payments.  But those payments are all being funded from the country's credit card and the debt is increasing exponentially so I guaran-damn-tee you it cannot and thus will not last forever.

You have to understand, the middle class blue collar job collapse in the USA hasn't affected me personally.  I am in high tech and highly paid.  As a simple consequence of G-d given DNA which gave me intelligence and drive, I find myself sitting higher up the Ponzi pyramid than most people.  I recognize that what I have achieved in life is all underwritten by the DNA lottery which I happened to do fairly well in.  All I did to achieve it was to do what came naturally; I simply followed the nature which was programmed into my DNA.

As much as I rail against it, I am an indirect beneficiary of the fake money system.  When the fake money is flowing higher end goods and services are always assigned an out-sized valuation.  High end homes, high end jewelry, high end art are bid up by the presence of all that fake, temporary cash known as debt.  High end labor is also chased upward.  There is no way I should be making a salary that is so many multiples of a roofer, a house painter or a ditch digger.  But as long as the fake money system is in effect, this trend will continue and it will increase.  The wealth divide is already a Grand Canyon.  At some point it will collapse and hard physical labor will again be revalued at the expense of currently overpaid intellectual labor.  That is why I have chosen to get out of all debt and to live well under my current means.  Many people who have done well under the fake money system will be hit the hardest when it begins to crack because they do not understand the terminal nature of a Ponzi scheme.

In this video, Ron Paul gives us a good historical insight of where things will likely go in the future.  I'm not suggesting anyone order the product that he is endorsing.  But in order to sell his product he has to expose a lot of truths.  Listen to the truths and forget the sales pitch.

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