Thursday, March 30, 2017

Wasn't Sears stock supposed to go to zero already?? [SHLD]

When literally everyone else in the investing world was freaking out about the collapse in Sears [SHLD] share price, I called it an "upcoming opportunity" for longs. The model I provided at that time is a matter of public record and is shown below.

Current actual is below.  The shares more than doubled since I wrote that initial post at very close to the exact bottom.  I did not believe this was going to happen because of fundamentals - the fundamentals on SHLD point to eventual BK, not to a massive 11th hour rally which doubled the share price!  I also didn't use gut feel.  Nobody is as "lucky" as I am simply using gut feel.  I did it because of the Elliott wave model; it is the engine behind all my "lucky" calls.

I run a subscription service for market timers so if you are still wondering why I gave this clearly valuable insight away for free then please understand that the purpose was to demonstrate in a concise way just how disadvantaged you are if you are not trading using the guidance of an experienced Elliott wave analyst like me. 

I'm not here to gloat.  I'm here to educate.  The future movement of stocks is not known with perfect certainty by anyone but to think it is all random or somehow tied in lock step with the supposed fundamentals is to ignore the truth as clearly demonstrated in these posts about Sears and many other stocks.

In fact, I now have a model update which will be of great interest to anyone trading these shares.  If you want to see it, you can either start a recurring monthly subscription for $39.95, or a one month subscription for $54.95.  You can also receive a full one time report for any ticker symbol (delivered as a nice PDF file) for $34.95 per ticker.  The single payment services can be accessed via the right hand sidebar above.  The recurring monthly subscription option can be accessed via the SUBSCRIBE tab at the top of the page. 

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