Thursday, March 23, 2017

The corrupt shadow government is crumbling per expectations.

Zerohedge has an interesting article that purports to prove that the government was conducting illegal spying operations on the public, including on Donald Trump, for years before the recent election.  The whistleblower provided proof and personal testimony over 2 years ago to the FBI who just sat on it.

Like I have been warning for some time, the skeletons are piled high in the closet just waiting for someone to turn the door handle.  When they finally do, and that time seems near, a pile of skeletons and dead bodies are going to roll out onto the floor in plain sight of everyone.

You will know it is sinking in when even those liberal turds of the past who have proclaimed so loudly that anyone who does not love government is some kind of a fool begin to openly hate government and act astounded at what a load of organized criminals they have been supporting.

It's coming.
It was always obvious to me.
Now its getting to be obvious to everyone.

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