Saturday, March 11, 2017

Corrupt leadership regimes are collapsing at a rate never before seen.

South Koreans are partying in the streets over the political death and removal from office of their corrupt president, a woman no less.  The people are telling her to move her ass out of the government buildings and calling for her to be put in jail instead.  I doubt she goes to jail at this point because we are not far along enough in the pendulum swing from liberalism to conservatism for that to happen but if this was happening 2 years into the future from now, that woman would be headed to prison in chains. 

Again we have to ask ourselves how in the Hell it got to the point that every leader of every county because a corrupt piece of shit.  The people need to be asking themselves how the Hell they elected these liars and con men anyway. Couldn't they see through the lies?  Couldn't they discern the conflicts of interest?  Couldn't they detect the sophistry?  And now, what changed?  Why are all the people around the world suddenly waking up to the fact that they elected make and female versions of career criminal Hillary and terrorist supporter Bush?  It's just amazing to see all this going down even though I clearly predicted that it would happen.

Unfortunately the people still haven't woken up to the root cause of all this corruption which is a dishonest money supply.  Sooner or later a new Ron Paul will come into the public spotlight and this time people will listen.

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