Saturday, March 4, 2017

[VLKAY] Volkswagen update

In this recent post I provided the Volkswagen chart model shown below.
Yeah, yeah I know.  "Charting is bullshit" according to many people.

Or is it?  What does the data say (as opposed to the emotional gut reaction)?  Well, just look at the current actual chart below which seems to have turned downward at almost the exact day of my post.

Is it all really just pure luck after seeing it happen so many times?  Who do you know that can do that with any kind of repeat-ability at all?  I'll tell you right now that the answer is "nobody" unless you happen to be one of the very few in the world who know someone that is skilled in Elliott wave analysis.

Can anyone be exactly right every time?  Of course not. I claim Elliott wave analysis accuracy of about 70%, a number which waxes and wanes to some degree in line with the Elliott wave that would track my performance should such a thing  be documented.  But in those cases where my count turns out to be wrong, I know it very quickly because any violation of my model sends up a red flag.

If you are trading without the benefit of Elliott wave analysis then you are trading against me, my subscribers and everyone else in the world who has discovered this long buried herd movement prediction technology.  This is not just idle talk; talk is cheap.  I walk the walk by posting charts with predictions of things before they happen.  And I also tell my subscribers very quickly when the model is broken.  In fact, I generally tell them at the time that the model is posted what would break it.

Please consider subscribing to my Elliott wave based market timing service so that you can catch some very important upcoming asset price movements which my models tell me are likely coming very soon.  The monthly subscription price of $39.95 is chump change to any active trader. 

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