Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Democratic National Committee collapses.

The new head of the DNC, Tom Perry, just fired all staffers at the organization.  Sound like something you might read at The Onion?  Regardless, it's actually true.  This shows what a shambles the socialist party of the US is in.  Talk about your clean sweep.  Forget all that "diversity is good" bullshit - that is only what the dems say when they are winning.  But when shit is blowing up in their faces like it is right now, they begin to look, sound and act a whole lot more like the conservatives that they, in their pseudo intellectual wisdom, so love to mock and call heartless.

That's right folks, it turns out that winning is more important than any ideals, even to the dems.  And after losing the congressional elections and the shoo in presidency to the the most politically incorrect man ever to have run for the office of president, the dems know they have to change and fast.

I can tell you how the democratic party is going to be rebuilt but you won't believe it until it happens.  The neo-dems are going to be very conservative sounding.  Free money, subsidized healthcare and other living for the weak and aged and free perks for everyone?  No, I think not.  Instead, I look for them to actually drive leadership into fiscal conservatism while paying only lip service to Great Society bullshit going forward.  I know, I know, it sounds insane, impossible, etc.  But many of the things I write sound that way to people who are living in the forest and who thus only see trees. From my vantage point outside the herd it is and has been clear to me for some time now (as clearly documented in these pages) that liberalism has peaked and the pendulum is now picking up momentum back toward conservatism.  The dems feel it to and so now they are reacting.  Its coming faster than people thought was possible.

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