Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Next up on the chopping block: fake pensions.

George Carlin famously said "they're coming for your retirement money".  It has been a long standing theme of mine that this is exactly what will happen not because anyone is evil necessarily, but rather because the system is a debt Ponzi which mathematically precludes everyone from getting paid.  In fact, just as I said about Hillary's chances of winning, "it shouldn't even be close".

The retiring oldsters see that their pensions are at risk.  They think that they will just raise a tantrum and force government to make those who get none of the benefits (young workers) pay for the grand retirements of the the boomers, especially self entitled public "heroes" like police and firemen.  I'm here to tell you that this is not going to happen.

You know why?  It's simple economics.  You can screw those who used to be good producers but you cannot do so to the current producers without screwing the parasites at the top who live off of the labor of the rest of us.  Said differently, PonziNomics is just like organized crime.  It is not about friendship or taking sides, its about what have you done for me lately.  All the criminals are happy when the money is flowing.  When it stops so does the happiness and good will.  As boomers retire they no longer earn a salary.  They become net consumers instead of the net producers that got them all the out sized (but fake/unkeepable) promises of the past.  Instead of putting value into the system going forward, they want to extract stored value out of the system.  The elite like to call people in this condition "useless eaters".

Unfortunately for these retirees, the value isn't there because it never was.  They were lied to the entire time by the Ponzi operators who convinced them to consume their paygo salary in real time because of course their fat retirement would be sitting their for them when they needed it.  From the view of the working conservative, anyone who listened to government on this matter is a liberal idiot who simply entered into a deal with a scam artist.  It is not our job to bail them out.  We knew that the whole thing was a con game the entire time and if they didn't see it because their greed for an outsized retirement that nobody else will get blinded them from reality, well, tough shit.

But wait a minute, the government can just force us to pay, can't it??

As it turns out, in a free society where freedom is actually backed by gunfire if needed, there is no way in Hell for government to force us to pay this bad debt.  There is just too much mobility possible in our country still for anyone for force the working class citizens to just "lump it".  Remember the State Farm commercial that advised us to "get to a better state"?  You think that choice of words was arbitrary??  Not bloody likely.  State Farm did the math and realized that the debt Ponzi was running out of legs.  Those states most indebted would try to ratchet up the pain on their citizens to make up for pension shortfalls.  As a result, people would just fucking leave.  You would expect Illin-noise to be showing signs of this since that shit hole is the birthplace of organized crime.  And as fate would have it, it is showing signs.

All states have been affected by the global debt Ponzi.  Not to have participated is to have lagged way way behind everyone else.  Then the politicians would get kicked for "not enough growth".  Once the corrupt system is in place you really do have to follow the advice of Chuck Prince and keep dancing until the music stops.  You have to act like everything is OK until it all collapses and then you have to act surprised, shocked and concerned as you recite your lines that "nobody saw this coming".  With all this acting and reciting is it such a surprise that so many of our "leaders" are tied to show business?

Mish has been talking about the Pension Ponzi for quite some time and in his latest article on the subject (which has a when-not-if theme to it), he provides the following map of what essentially constitutes a "better state".  Green is good and purple is bad.  Green means relatively lower barriers to telling public servants that they were stupid to actually trust government and purple means that it will take a major change in the state's constitution to do so.  In both cases it will happen mind you because what cannot be paid will not be paid.  But in the purple states the government will first try to tax the living daylights out of the workers there to make up for these shortfalls and it will have to get pretty bad before those con men give it up.  So it will get bad in those states.   There are no "good states".  State Farm didn't say there was.  There are only better states which is why states like Texas are seeing a massive influx of people fleeing the liberal shit holes of America right now.

At some point of course, all of the states will be green because to not be green is to tell the workers of tomorrow that the parasites at the top value the workers of yesterday more than the workers of tomorrow and that is a fundamentally flawed approach.  I think that the among the first to change from purple to green will be Utah and Nevada.

Of course Texas has its share of liberal hypocrites as well.  This article tells us just how it is that the liberals, who massively supported anything that big government wanted during the rise of liberalism on the back of fake everything (including fake money and fake pensions), will soon turn on the very "heroic" police and fire personnel they deified on the way up.  Essentially, the article tells the liberal world that all of "their treasures" will have to be sold in order to pay the bill.  Of course, only a liberal believes that he owns a thing which he has only promised to pay for but has not in fact paid for.  If a liberal puts down $1000 on a Mercedes and then stops making payments 12 months into an 84 month loan, the liberal blames the "evil bank" and even the tow company for wanting to repossess "his" car.  He will stand out on the curb yelling and screaming "how do you want me to get to work now"???  Of course, the guy running the tow truck is thinking "I don't give a shit what happens to you.  You stopped paying so you can walk or ride a bike or car pool or any of the other ways that real people handle this kind of adversity.".

As soon as the coming problems negatively affect the liberals who caused all this trouble, they will turn on the very system that they supported and whined for.  It won't matter because whining is ignored by economic law.  What cannot be paid will not be paid and liberal whining will not change a thing.  At least I will have a ton of fun watching the show.

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