Saturday, March 11, 2017

Shoot from the hip bullshit "police work" is going to collapse in the next 3-5 years

I have often stated that one of the signs that the liberal bullshit agenda was truly in decline would be the fall of corrupt bullshit police.  This is happening left and right now with the herd fully awakening to what a bunch of assholes the police are as a group.  Yeah sure there are some non steroid pumping, non ego tripping, non power drunk true servants on the force but too many of them have bought into their "zero tolerance" training agenda and many don't even realize who it rubs honest citizens the wrong way to see these guys strutting around hiding behind a badge and acting like big men on campus.  If they would put the badge, uniform and gun down then the people would throw them a beating for acting like that.  But when allowed to hide behind guns, badges and corrupt management they start to think they are supermen which of course makes everyone else something less in their eyes.

Well today's proof point that the old ways are collapsing is found in this story wherein some jerk cops pulled an Uber driver over on some trumped up suspicion of involvement with drugs.  Mind you, no crime was observed.  The cops just decided to try to push the defenseless little Uber driver around for their own perverted reasons.  Obvously, every Uber driver is stupid and weak, an easy target for bulling and propping up the shitty egos of useless cops. The only problem for the cops is that the man wasn't stupid and defenseless like they assumed he would be.  In fact the driver pulled out a camera and began filming them.  Of course they told him to stop or he would go to jail under a "new law".  But the Uber driver was actually a practicing attorney who called them out in their corrupt practice of unconstitutional search.

A few years ago the management would have backed the cops anyway and probably trumped up some evidence against the lawyer and physically abused him into remaining silent.  But the cops now know that the public eye that used to be blind to them is now watching them intently.  So the management of the police quickly admitted that their boy was wrong and told the public that they would essentially put a note in the lunch box of their toy soldiers to remind them that filming police is not only allowed by encouraged by their management.

Importantly, the article gave the lawyer the last word as follows, "If a police officer gives you a lawful command and that command is disobeyed, they'll arrest you... The fact that I wasn't arrested and he didn't even try to arrest me is proof that he was being dishonest."

The article goes on to say, "He said Becker's command to stop recording and the searches - to which he didn't consent - were a violation of his constitutional rights. He noted that suppressing video is in an officer's best interest because it allows police to dictate the narrative later if a case arises."

So basically the cops have learned that they can lie to the public all day long but of course if you lie to the police then its a felony.  And they can violate your rights as long as you don't call bullshit on them.  But these kinds of stories are red by thousands of people and it is sinking into the heads of the sleepy sheeple that the cops are out of control and need to be reined in.

And so the cops will be reined in.

Mark my words, the training at police academy is going to change very soon because the commanders do NOT like all this negative public attention.  The new guys coming into the police are not going to enter the force already having been pushed down the road of corruption by the system.  They will be told to operate in the interest of the public going forward.  Not because anyone wants to give up their two speed legal system mind you, but only because the con men are now getting busted and with pension money getting tighter and tighter nobody wants to be known as an enemy to the people anymore.

As for the lawyer I think he should have sued the police department for violation of his constitutional rights and then used the money to pay off part of his law school debt.  When the guy who is doing the wrong thing like that has a gun and a badge then he literally has life and death power over you.  That person cannot get a free pass for corruption.  That person must lose his job in a public way.  That person must be made an example of.

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