Tuesday, February 2, 2016

What's the intrinsic value of stocks [SCS]

Back in December, Bill Fleckenstein referred to an indicator used by several market timers and that is to look at current demand for office furniture.  When times are good, cubicles and office chairs come mighty pricey with corporate office chairs running $600+ USD.  Cubicles are similarly pricey during boom times because companies just need to throw the space together ASAP and get the workers moving forward while sales are hot.

Summarize it to say that Mr. Fleckenstein was not keen on the prospects of office furniture and those who manufacture it like SteelCase (ticker: SCS).  Since then the shares have gone into freefall which begs the question of what is the intrinsic value of corporate shares.  I am very clear on this matter: despite the wall st sales material that tells you to care about certain aspects that it considers "fundamentals" corporate shares are intrinsically worthless.  Anyone who expects the stock market to be a source of wealth for them in their retirement years is a playing a dangerous game of blink with the Ponzi operators.

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