Monday, February 29, 2016

More skeletons rattling...

Per prior post, Cruz is talking about Trump mob connections.

Similarly, Hillary is warning the GOP that if Trump wins the nomination that the dems are going to bury him in $hit.   Neither of these players were saying anything like this until Trump promised to expose the truth behind 911 and Trump promised to prosecute Hillary and indicated that her presidential run was being done if for no other reason than to try to stay out of jail.

 The whole thing is hysterical and pathetic.  This is elite vs. elite while the herd sits back and has popcorn for the show.  It used to be that they would get together and laugh at how stupid the herd was, how gullible and easy to push around we all were.  But now the laughing has stopped and they realize that the herd has awakened.  The herd is no longer running away scared.  It is now facing the predatory elite with horns being brandished. 

The herd is now demanding that at least some elite members begin falling on their swords for past crimes before any more of the elite will be followed into the future.  They've been getting away with so much for so long now that I fully expect people to actually die in the process.  They will either be murdered or commit suicide or have a sudden un-explainable heart attack, etc.  High crimes have taken place against the people, the punishment for many of which are death. 

So whether these elite criminals are eventually hauled through the legal process and then executed or whether the people just kill them in the street or whether their fellow elites try to throw the angry water buffalo herd some red meat, somehow and someway there will be blood and there will be prison time and there will be big name careers destroyed.

Without this release of pressure, the whole system could collapse.

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Anonymous said...

nothing will come out of the election, Presidents are selected not elected. FDR

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