Tuesday, February 2, 2016

[Hillary] supporters are in for a rougher ride than Canadian Cruz.

It looks like Hillary's email gate issues are not just going to go away.  The latest is that she exposed the name of US and foreign "intelligence assets" (AKA spies) via insecure email practices.  I used to be in the Air Force. If I did this and was caught it would certainly involve a courts martial and jail time.  I know this for a fact because I held Top Secret clearance as I worked with nuclear munitions on Guam (that's not a secret...).  Needless to say, the trainings and the warnings and the constant reminders in the form of printed materials like posters and placards on printers and near desk phones, etc. were omnipresent.  There is no way I was ever going to get away with "I'm sorry I didn't know", or "I'm sorry it slipped my mind".  As soon as I would have tried to make an "I'm sorry" apology the commander would have finished my sentence for me with, "you were just careless and negligent".

Hillary, you were lazy, careless and negligent.  Security procedures are a total pain in the ass but they are there for a reason.  You ignored them because you are above the law in your own little liberal mind.

Folks, if they formally charge her and convict her of these crimes, Hillary must go to jail, just like I would have.   Just being pushed out of the presidential race is not punishment for crime; it is simply a consequence.  Anyone who thinks that should be enough punishment is outwardly reinforcing the notion of a two speed legal system: one for elite and one for serfs.  I know this is the reality of it but I do not endorse or support it.  In fact, just the opposite.  I completely condemn having "special people" in our society whether they be military, politician, sports or movie star or rich businessman.  If they do the crime they have to do the time and the reason is simple: if they don't lead by example then many serfs will stop caring about the laws and then we have lawlessness.

Do you really think people in poor countries which suffer from lots of crime are all bad people?  I don't.  I just think that many of the people decide to emulate their leaders and thus to steal everything that isn't bolted down.  If supply chain interruptions were to occur in the US as the result of economic collapse, my main concern would not be the police.  It would be the idiots who did no preparations and are thus out on the street trying to get whatever they can from whomever they can.  Many of these people will not need to behave criminally but they will do it because so many others, including the herd leadership, obviously are.

One good way to stop would be outlaws is to ensure that our leaders receive equal treatment under the law.  If Hillary is tried and found guilty I am going to have an absolute $hit fit if they don't lock her up for it.

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