Tuesday, February 2, 2016

[DJIA] update

In the big picture DJIA from yesterday the model was suggesting that the DJIA could be steaming toward Iceberg, right ahead.  Today's chart is below.  UVXY reactive positively to the selling which was modeled to likely begin very soon.

The main take away right now is that the herd has options in all of this volatility.  It can still turn into a 4th wave HT or it can do something akin to the model above.  But soon the markets will have to commit to a direction and with the slowly failing economic data and ongoing news of increasing layoffs, I don't guess the eventual outcome will be good. Yahoo just announced it would be dumping 15% of their humanoid overhead expense (AKA employees).

The normal backlink is here and the first model provided there is reproduced below.

Now maybe it don't mean nothing; maybe its one-na them there coincidence thingies.  But the actual chart is looking kind of rounded here like this is rolling over.

Yeah, probably just a coincidence.  Think nothing of it.  Nothing to see here, move along now.  There's a good chap.