Saturday, January 30, 2016

Some observations by a Tea Party Economist

Gary North is a common sense conservative and has always been so throughout his 50+ years on the so called Christian libertarian economics scene.  When I read his writings they all make good sense and in fact I think Gary is just a good man.  And don't get me wrong, being good is good enough.  But it doesn't automatically mean you have any insight into how things in this world really work. 

His current article is a quick easy read and it talks about two things that I clearly saw coming as part of the great move away from liberalism toward conservatism:
1) liberal crap that used to be easily ignored by the herd is no longer being ignored
2) fake political correctness is out the window

Cases in point for item 1 are how Cosby's past liberal / selfish / criminal acts are now coming back to haunt and how Bill Clinton's past blatant infidelities could not get him thrown out of office but which are now haunting Hillary's campaign.  Gary tries to put real time logic to these things saying that there is a whole new crop of young people who never knew about Bill's Oval Orfice(tm) Escapades.  Thus they are just now finding out about it and they are appalled that their liberal queen has such a filthy king.  But Gary fails to mention why the earlier generation so easily put up with people like Bill Clinton and why they got a get out of jail card time and time again.

Gary, and good people like him, can only report on the present because they do not understand the wave model of social mood.

Likewise for case number 2, Gary points to loudmouth Donald Trump who has said just about every caustic thing about anyone he can.  But instead of looking down on him and ostracizing him in the name of political correctness, the herd is embracing him harder each time he insults someone or says something over the top offensive.  For example he recently said, "I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn't lose voters".  That is not disrespectful at any single group.  That is disrespectful of everyone.  But the crowd is so tired of politics as usual, backroom black-ops deals and generally having no idea about what is happening in the halls of government that the people are willing to overlook all the just to get someone who at least says what they are really thinking.

Many think Trump is conservative because of this but this first turn toward conservatism is not real conservatism.  That will take many more years to achieve.  It is in fact partially conservative (saying what you really think) and still a lot liberal (disrespect for everyone, acting like a king/dictator, serial bankruptcy artist who calls his bankruptcies "good business decisions").   In other words, Trump is a win-lose liberal hiding behind a very visible in your face show of faux conservatism and the herd is so steeped in liberalism at this point that it hardly knows the difference.

This will change over time.  The pendulum swing right has just begun. Sometime in the next 10-20 years we will find that win-win conservatives are filling the halls of government again.  This will happen not because tomorrow's people are any better than today's but rather because the easy lifestyle based on a money supply which is constantly being expanded by new debt will be a dead paradigm and it will cause the people to once again care about the basic blocking and tackling of herd living.  They will in turn vote for people that represent this value swing.

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