Sunday, June 12, 2016

50 dead in gay night club massacre by gunman with reported terrorism ties

In a sad bit of news today, an Orlando gay night club has turned into a blood bath as a gunman matching the middle eastern terrorist profile in many ways decided to punish many for public gay kissing by a few.  At least that is what the article says his father likely attributed his son's "snap" to while at the same time attempting to talk down any ties to the Muslim faith.

My Libertarian view on this remains as it always has: gays can do whatever they want as long as it does not step on my rights.  I don't approve of homosexual anything but I also know it it not my place to do anything about it. 

No, I  do not like to see men kissing men in public and yes it bothers me that more and more gay lovc scenes are showing up in main stream TV for kids to watch.  But I can always go some place where same sex kissing is not happening in public and I can always boycott TV shows and even entire networks which seem Hell bent on cramming that lifestyle down everyone's throat sideways.  It if gets too annoying I also have the option of protesting gay events, etc.  These are all reasonable things for people to do in a society.

At the same time, I know that a new conservative wave is overtaking the world and that tolerance for this kind of thing will become and is becoming much lower than it was during the liberal rise of the past 40-50 years.  Not long ago I wrote,"While Obama embarrasses himself with what are obviously lame duck maneuvers designed to win votes for Hillary, many gay people are looking at this and saying "Why don't they just leave us in peace? We don't want all this attention.  We just want to live quiet lives".  Those are the smart ones because when this pendulum reverses it is pretty clear that an anti-liberal, anti-gay backlash is coming.". 

This is not the first time I have warned hyper liberals, including LGBT, of the impending blow back that would eventually befall them for supporting the rise of those who cram stuff like this down everyone's throat's:

The gayification of everything simply will not be tolerated by that 3% of extreme right who are just as bat shit crazy as that 3% extreme left that are out there.  It would not surprise me to find out later on that the gunman saw the image above and it factored into his decision to take action.  Unfortunately, these shark jumping moves by Obama are adding to a major opposition to the extreme left population who, until recently were actually tolerated and even allowed to thrive.  Until, that is, it began to look to many like the liberal tail was wagging the conservative dog.

The other thing to note here is that this will likely call for more gun controls.  I'm telling you this simply will not work because if you try to create broad laws to disarm Mr. batshit crazy terrorist then you will also have to try to disarm people like me.  That, I can assure you, would be a huge mistake.  Not only would it not result in disarming terrorists but nobody is going to disarm me or people like me without starting a civil war.  And once war is declared, anyone who is associated with the enemy becomes my enemy because there is no such thing as a polite or fair war.  So those who support the gun-grabbers will have to deal with the gun-havers. 

A much better solution is for liberals to arm themselves and to provide reasonable security for their gathering places.  Would it really be that difficult to install a containment zone entrance which incorporates a metal detector?  Would it be that difficult to train the bouncers on the use of firearms and then to arm them with specific instructions on when and how they can be used? 

Because my solution is the only one that can possibly work between the two mentioned above, expect to see exactly that begin to happen in the coming years.

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Augustine said...

I just have a hard time taking the official narrative at face value when the assailant in Orlando worked for a multinational security firm with ties to the DHS.

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