Friday, June 24, 2016

Brits vote to bail on the EU scam

The majority of Brits have requested to part company with the European Union scam and con man David Cameron was pushed into resigning to boot.  No longer will unelected bureaucrats from other nations be imposing their hyper liberal, hyper socialist ideals upon the people there.  Not that it comes as any great surprise to me that the Eurozone is breaking up.  In fact, I was writing about the likely potential of it happening a good number of years ago.  But the main reason for the breakup was not due to a perceived lack of freedom but rather because of the continual spiraling motion as the global economy continues to weaken.

Leaving the EU won't fix this unfortunately.  The issues are more related to massive mountains of unpayable global debt than anything else.  There will be a wet blanket on the economy until these issues are cleared up. It will be interesting to see what kind of carnage the Brexit ends up causing.  It was so unthinkable to so many that I suspect more than a few derivative contracts will be affected negatively by this news.   It will take some months to sort out I would guess.


Augustine said...

It might signal a turning in the dynamics inside and between nations. Perhaps even a rehash of the 1848 European Revolutions ( Grab your popcorn, your guns and your Bible.

The Captain said...

The world sits on a knife edge which could go either way IMO. A spark into the wrong tinder pile right now could change the course of history. The reason for this high potential for volatility is simple: the fake, global debt based money supply is losing the confidence of Mark and Patsy.

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