Saturday, June 18, 2016

Gary North on gun control, mass shootings and politics

Gary North is an old school conservative Christian.  I've been reading his stuff for a long time now, all of it seems like plain old common sense.  Many times as I was reading his stuff it struck me as hardly even being worth writing down.  Not because it wasn't true or important but simply because it just seemed so obvious to me.  But over the years I have realized that I can't fairly comprehend the whole world through my own eyes.  Attempting to do so is simply frustrating and infuriating.  Every time I see people literally worshiping Obama or Hillary in the name of receiving a subsidized lifestyle it makes me want to retch.  But I have come to the understanding that this is simply because I am wired differently than Mark and Patsy.  It is almost foolish to blame the gullible for their gullibility because they simply don't understand their affliction.  They can't possibly understand it because they keep doing the same shit over and over again and every time it blows up in their faces. 

In any case, Gary North is out with commentary on the Orlando shooting and other mass shootings as it relates to politics.  And while his message is not mind blowing it is important to understand.  Gary points out that each time government responds to a mass shooting all it does is line the pockets of gun manufacturers and sellers.  All it does it put more AR-15 assault rifles in the hands of more Americans. 
  • DOOP!  I said the bad word "assault rifles"!  Didn't I mean to use the euphemism "modern sporting rifle" instead?  Frankly, no.  Creating fluffy terms is what con men need to do in order to hide their dishonorable intentions.  No, folks, I own assault rifles and other weapons as part of my self defense arsenal.  Yup.  Arsenal.  I said that too.  It's what I meant and since I am doing nothing wrong then I don't need to make up marshmellow words to cover what I am doing.  If anyone fucks with me they will fuck with my arsenal.  Is that really so crazy?  Apparently not according to skyrocketing gun and ammo sales.  Everyone seems to be trying to play catch up with people like me.
North points out that politicians are not stupid and they are quick to learn the reactions of their comments.  So if Obama and Hillary really wanted to mute the re-arming of the American population they would just shut their stinking pie holes after these attacks.  Given that this is the case, their comments are more intended to paint them as political leaders for the liberal agenda than to do anything about gun control.

North's closing advice in blue below is classic:

What is my recommendation? If you don't own a gun, buy one. If you have not had training in using one, get it.

A .45 for the bedroom,
A shotgun over the door,
a 30.06 for distance: You don't need any more.

It's about the same as my own take which is to invest in your own safety and in the safety of your fellow law abiding and hard working citizen by buying guns and ammo and then becoming proficient in their use.  Don't count on government to save you when the shit hits the fan.  The government is about as likely to throw you in a camp as to help you.  But your main opponent will not likely be government if supply chain collapses occur when the global debt Ponzi collapses.  The main issue will be the starving liberal idiots who believe that government is God-like or even God himself in its ability to protect them from bad things that happen when the global government Mammon Money scam goes south.  Government will be busy protecting itself.  It will default on its protection promises to Mark and Patsy.  M+P will then become desperate and they will look for someone else, anyone else, to help them survive.  When it comes to the point that they have lost all hope, Mark and Patsy will become your enemy because they will want to take what you have even though you did not/could not store enough sustenance for everyone.  

The bleeding heart liberals are always the most cold blooded killers when their own survival is at stake.  After all, it only makes sense.  Without trying to point to either of these belief systems as being right or wrong and only mentioning it so that people will better understand why liberals are dangerous when survival is at stake, Conservative Christians will take comfort that if they should perish that there will be an afterlife waiting for them.  Liberal atheists are convinced that here and now is all that they will ever have.  Since there is no punishment for amorality for the liberals there are no limits placed upon them in a survival situation.

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