Saturday, June 18, 2016

29 dead in Chinese knife attack. Who is to blame?

BBC news reports have surfaced about a mass knifing in Yunnan Province's capital Kunming where 29 are said to have perished and 130 wounded.  The article states that it was done by a gang of extremists.  Obviously someone feels they have been getting screwed somehow and the only way they can damage the government is to kill the government's livestock.  So much for being safe just because there is gun control!  The article states that those to slow to flee were those who were put to the knife.  Does that sound like a good and fair solution for self protection?  How is government whether in the US or China going to be able to do anything about the rise of the ex-middle class as the death of the global fake money scam sends more and more into destitute desperation?

The answer is simple: government cannot protect anyone.  It will make threats against the guerilla style assaults and it will apologize and sympathize with the families of the dead but it will never be able to stop those who feel they are hopeless and thus have nothing to lose by terrorism from causing terror.  With the stalling and eventual collapse of the global debt Ponzi we can only expect more and more of these kind of people. 

None of the attackers were caught.  None were killed in the attack.  They didn't need guns and those who were killed didn't stand a chance.  Why?  Who is really to blame for all these deaths?  The answer is clear: the people who allowed their governments to disarm them in the name of fake safety bear the blame.  Had just 1 or 2 of those 29 dead and 130 injured been armed with a simple 9mm side arm, the death count of terrorists would have sky rocketed and the dead and injured count would have plummeted.  Had 10 or more of them been known to be armed by the terrorists, nobody would have been killed because the terrorists would have seen it as a suicide attack.

Allow yourself to be disarmed by government and you will be opening yourself and your family to attacks from those who know you are not armed.

You know what they call a mass knife attack on an armed and proficient citizen?

Great Target Practice.

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