Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Wake up and smell the conservative breeze.

In a story which directly aligns with my long term view that even liberals will begin to think more along what are generally believed to be conservative lines, NewsMax reports that the recent tragic event in Orlando has some gay men now saying they will consider Trump more carefully.  That's right, folks: gay does not mean stupid!  After being hit over the head enough times with reality, even the most liberal of people will realize that the police cannot save them from this kind of thing.  It will lead them to take what liberals currently consider the extreme stance of profiling.  And Trump is the profiling king.  If it walks like a duck then he is going to call it a f-ing duck.   Is this good???  Not necessarily.  But it is predictable because liberals are more prone to say "que sera sera" while conservatives are more prone to say "not on my watch" and then do something about it.  Perhaps even something drastic.

With that said, the answer is not to hope that Trump can stop terrorism any more than Hillary can.  Not, at least, without creating a police state that I will not tolerate regardless of who is running it.  The answer is simple: regain the right to defend yourself in real time and stop asking the nanny state to do it for you.  The state is only there to clean up the mess and to do the paperwork and to try to make money in the deal and to help politicians warp every situation into a political advantage.  Fuck the state.  Be self reliant.  Protect yourself and your loved ones and your friends and ask them to do the same for you.  This is the only method that will have any possible defense against the highly bat shit crazy few.  And whatever you do, don't let some ass hat politician tell you that taking your guns away is for your own good.  Like everything they say, nothing could be further from the actual truth.

If we have twice the guns and proper training in the hands of good honest hard working people then we need about half the cops.  IF good people can shoot armed criminals dead in the street without fear of being attacked by the police for threatening their monopoly on personal security (which they are obviously incapable of doing a very good job at) then the criminals will be those in fear and the good people will be able to live their lives as the founders of this great nation intended.

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