Monday, June 20, 2016

Jokish US government can't pass even simple gun control measures right after a mass murder.

Read it and weep, gun grabbers: "shameful" congress fails to pass any of 4 knee jerk, foot in the door gun control measures only a few days after 50 people died in a mass murder involving an AR15.  Why would they not jump on their big chance to push their agenda of grabbing our assault weapons?

Look no further than rocketing gun sales.

Each time Obama talks about gun control, sales of assault rifles and ammo skyrocket.  Congress knows this and Congress knows the people are already unhappy with its performance.  This is just a very bad time to attack all those new gun owners.  And to those calling Congress stupid or weak for not doing it, you are simply missing the point.  Congress is in place not for you! They are in it for themselves.  They will always do what keeps them in a cushy job that is dripping with rewards that these people don't deserve.

So who is stupid, the con man or the patsy who thinks the con man gives a shit about anyone but themselves?


Augustine said...

Wasn't a Sig Sauer MCX used in the mass murder in Orlando instead?

The Captain said...

Yes it was an MCX. Are you implying that it is something other than an AR15? It's optionally chambered for 556, uses AR15 mags, looks like a standard AR15 trigger group and lower receiver, even having the bolt assist. It has the AR15 dust cover too and the bolt carrier group looks AR15 compatible.

Yes there are some small changes in the gas system but hardly anything to write home about. If it works like an AR15, looks similar to an AR15 and uses many AR15 parts then I feel justified in calling it one. MCX isn't as much a different type of gun than it is a marketing name.

Augustine said...

What do I know? Now, more than before. 👍

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